35 Stunning Casual Living Room Decorating Ideas for 2021

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35 Stunning Casual Living Room Decorating Ideas for 2021

The living room is a room that is usually located in the very front of a house. Having a minimalist living room of limited size is certainly not a problem if you can get around and arrange it properly. Many things you must look at and pay close attention to in decorating the living room to keep it looking spacious and airy. With the right arrangement, your minimalist living room will give you a comfortable feel and can make everyone in it feel at home.

The following are some inspirational ideas for decorating a minimalist living room with limited room sizes for a small home that you can apply in your home:
1. Use a bright wall paint color
One idea to get around your limited sized living room to keep it looking broad is to use white, light gray, beige wall paint, bright neutral colors because it can give the impression of being clean and airy. Bright colors can also be easily combined with bright colors that are bold as accents of the room to make it look more alive and not boring. A minimalist living room that has a wall color like this will give a brighter, brighter, more comfortable and pleasant feel.

2. Adjust the size of the sofa with a spacious living room
Having a sofa in a small room is often a problem because it is considered to take up too much space. Even though with the right sofa shape and sofa color selection, your room will still look proportional. Avoid using a large sofa because it will make your minimalist living room feel more cramped. Choose a sofa with the right size when compared to the overall area of ​​the room and mix and match with a guest table and lamps that have a light look to give the impression of relief and space. Minimalist sofa with a simple shape is the most appropriate choice for a limited-sized living room.

3. Use multifunctional furniture
Multifunctional furniture is the most appropriate practical solution to get around a minimalist-sized minimalist living room because it can provide plenty of storage. Use a storage rack that can simultaneously function as a room divider. Choose storage with a lightweight, simple and minimalist design so as not to give the full impression, but still flexible and functional.


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